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HUMMY is something you have all been eagerly waiting for! An amazing range of wholesome and balanced meals that you can prepare quickly and effortlessly. They will make it easy for you to compose a nutritious and varied diet without complicated and overbearing cooking.

HUMMY products are perfectly balanced in terms of:

  • calorific value,
  • macronutrient and fibre content,
  • vitamins, minerals and health-enhancing supplements.

By choosing HUMMY you can be sure that you are eating wholesome food, even when the world around you seems to do everything to stop you from doing so (company dinners, looking at you!). All you need to prepare a HUMMY is water, a spoon or fork and a few minutes of spare time. Preparing these meals is so quick and convenient that you can enjoy them literally anywhere – at work, on the move, on holiday and wherever else you might need to!